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Tom Allard

Love Songs, Storytime and Moon-Madness

Thursday, September 15, 8 pm

Part of the “old guard”, Tom Allard is a long-time (18 seasons) member of the Theatricum company who left acting in 2003 seeking his personal voice. Now in his 16th year teaching technical theatre and filmmaking at Pasadena’s Polytechnic School, he is finding his audience through storytelling. Tom will share the stage with musical guests and those with fun tales to tell. Appropriate for all ages, this show is about the full time effort to be truly alive…and to enjoy it.

For thousands of years, all we ever knew about the world was told to us by those who went there. Everything is story, from aspirin to love to war to forgiveness, it’s ALL story! The only difference is medium and intent.~ Tom Allard

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