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Student Testimonials

“The Intensive Shakespeare Seminar was truly the most amazing 5 weeks of my life. This was an excellent opportunity to learn and build essential skills needed to bring Shakespeare’s texts to life. Under the different teaching styles and techniques of some of the most inspiring theatre professionals, not only did my skills flourish, but I was also lucky to meet and work with a lovely group of people during the course.”

Kristi Jacobson, Professional Training Package
“(The ISS) was transformative…I loved the level “playing field”…I feel very different at the end of the summer than I did at the beginning.”

Lori Anne Farrell, Intensive Shakespeare Seminar
“I really grew as an actor AND as a person…You people rock!”

Jennifer Hunter, Professional Training Package
“It changed my presence…my being…my life.”
Stephen Richmond, Intensive Shakespeare Seminar
“The dedication and passion of the teachers was very special…Some of the “lessons” came in hard ways, some came in easy ways. But most importantly, they weren’t invisible anymore.”

Jocelyn Towne, Intensive Shakespeare Seminar
“The seminar was fantastic! It was a lot of information to absorb, but so great. It has helped me to take my acting to a new level and now I am hooked on Shakespeare.”

Wendell Stephenson, Intensive Shakespeare Seminar
“It was the positive energy of the teachers that made the program fun and prompted me to want to learn. The teachers were understanding that this was a new acting “style” and seemed excited that we wanted to learn it. They were patient and understanding about sharing their knowledge and that made a huge impact on me. I feel that the teachers and students alike wanted to be there.”

Laurie Baron, Intensive Shakespeare Seminar
“I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Peter Von Sholly, Intensive Shakespeare Seminar
“….talented, passionate instructors with great insight and key foundation tools.”

Katy Bartlett, Intensive Shakespeare Seminar
“…while I may not have the complete tools, I now have a foundation…and a lot of knowledge that can only help me in the future with this material.”

Melanie McQueen, Intensive Shakespeare Seminar
“….the structure and intensity have re-awakened my artist and reaffirmed my commitment. “I feel a sense of confidence I never owned before.”

D.J. Harner, Intensive Shakespeare Seminar
“I only wish I’d given myself this gift twenty years ago!”

Noelle Adames, Intensive Shakespeare Seminar

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