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Education: Summer Camp

What Parents Say

“This camp combines fun with the understanding of an art form I can’t get for them elsewhere.”

Sally Livingston, parent, YDC
“The teachers were always very loving, exciting, positive and had something new and interesting for the kids each day. They put me at ease and gave me confidence that they were so passionate.”

Jennifer Richards, parent, YDC
“The camp far exceeded our expectations. What a gem!”

Kirsten Clink, parent, YDC
“The sense of community and the wonderful setting. I am amazed that you are able to pull together the performances in such a short time. It is a gift that our NYC boys get to come out every summer and experience the beautiful setting and warm staff.”

Maria Giacchino, parent, YDC
“I appreciated the educational aspect as well as the fact both my kids were comfortable enough to get on stage and perform in front of people. Also, my younger daughter has speech issues and her therapist noticed an improvement after attending camp.”

Laurie Thuer, parent, YDC
“My child complained about being signed up. But he never complained one day after he started going.”

Wendy Wolff, parent, YDC
“This was our daughter’s third year at YDC and she LOVED it, again. Nothing compares to the enthusiastic, smart, and incredibly fun experience of YDC. (She) comes home happily exhausted and thoroughly challenged. The comraderie of being part of a real ensemble is not only a ton of fun, but a great learning experience….. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the camp, the program, and the theatre. Thanks for being an oasis of civilization in the California desert.”

Elisa & Tony Ervolina, parents, YDC
“While watching these amazing campers perform, I realized that they had the joy of theatre captured perfectly. Their proud faces revealed how excited they were to show everyone their Shakespeare journey, the friends they had made, the costumes they had created, but most importantly, the confidence to act, dance and inspire their audience and each other. She loved the process from start to finish!”

Michelle Hagn, parent, YDC
“When I asked (my son) if he was happy about the role he had gotten in Caesar, he said “Mom, I would be happy with any role I got! Every role is just as important as any other. It takes all of us to make this play happen!” Thank you for teaching this actress’s son the value of his participation.”

Stacie James Bush, parent, YDC
“My daughter enjoys the opportunity to learn about Shakespeare and theatre and to experiment with performing “outside of the box without anyone criticizing” (her exact words). She says every day is a lot of fun, and Theatricum is “unlike any other camp.”

Jenn Poole, parent, YDC
“Interraction with all the other wonderful children. I liked that the camp keeps a clean wholesome invironment and doesn’t tolerate foul language or crude, rude behavior. I was most impressed by that. Top notch!”

Hjelmi Larsen, parent, YDC
“Theatricum has worked its magic on our daughter for the second summer… she loves working with all of the different coaches, working in so many disciplines (voice, stage combat, acting, dance, song, etc), and doing THE PLAY of course!”

Rachael Steele, parent, YDC
“(Theatricum’s teachers) are so thoughtful, so generous…but without losing any sense of authority. Good for you for finding people who care so much.”

Gary Glasberg, parent, YDC
“(My daughter) loved it. She loved the work, the kids, the community, the philosophy and the teachers and directors! She grew and flourished, felt confident, was challenged, had a great time, and loves and understands Shakespeare!”

Risa Branman Garcia, parent, YDC
“Happiest I’ve seen (our child) since last summer’s YDC! This camp is a great blend of Shakespeare and summer Fun! Huzzah!”

Gose & Victor Hsu, parents, YDC
“My son starts asking about camp around Christmas time…”

Sage Knight, parent, YDC
“We have never seen my child so involved and happy with his camp! Every morning he was excited to get ready for what he called “the best camp ever”. He learned new skills, enjoyed performing in front of the audience, his confidence grew. He fell in love with Shakespeare, his wit and wisdom, was mesmerized by performances of Theatricum actors at the beginning of the camp. And at the end of the camp, on the day of their own performance, kids all shined on stage, perfect, professional, confident, happy little actors! Thank you, Theatricum!”

Farber family, YDC
“Camp was a wonderful experience for my son! He looked forward to camp days, and got psyched about Shakespeare! He wished it was 5 days a week instead of only 3.”

Nancy Handler, parent, YDC
“The location is simply magical, the material is fascinating, but most of all, the people are truly amazing! I am a complete Shakespeare nut and my expectations are high…..expectations well met.”

Fabian Wauthier, parent, HSISS
“Theatricum provides a supportive, creative environment where young adults are encouraged to develop THEIR individual best. The setting is beautiful and integral to the experience.”

Wendy Bader, parent, HSISS
“This was (my son’s) 11th year…..he did not anticipate the deep freindships that would come from over the summer. These kids really bonded…”

Mary Carrig Cassell, parent, HSISS
“Every year it gets better and better for my son. Don’t just think it’s a one time experience. They’ll want to come back again and again, learning more each time.”

Elizabeth Richmond Schulman, parent, HSISS
“The environment draws the young actors out and shows them who they can become.”

Margie Smilanick, parent, HS Commedia to Improv
“I was so impressed by the level of commitment and professionalism offered to these kids.”

Elizabeth Kahn, parent, HS Commedia to Improv
“The whole staff was very professional, good energy, friendly and very well organized. I know, I used to run a camp!”

Daniel Rotblatt, parent, Young Peoples’ Camp
“They looked forward to each day and were disappointed when it ended. They liked everything…the crafts, the songs, trivia, and let’s not forget the sword fighting!”

Akemi Smith, parent, Young Peoples’ Camp
“The space was amazing, the teachers were great, and the diversity amongst student families was refreshing!”

Erica Spano, parent, Young Peoples’ Camp
“Without a doubt, the best summer camp experience we’ve had…..I wish it was 10 weeks instead of 5!”

Jessica Emerson-Fleming, parent, Young Peoples’ Camp
“…the overall ambience of acceptance- acceptance in age, acceptance in showing emotion, acceptance in so many undefinable things. It also taught my children what theatre is all about- another way of communicating.”

Susan Jekari, parent, Young Peoples’ Camp
“I was amazed by how, after just a one hour private coaching session…..I felt so much better prepared and more confident. I was successul in getting a good part and I am sure that my experience at Theatricum helped me achieve my goal.”

Alexander Vega, HSISS/Private Coaching
“…as a (former) student, I was truly unaware of how much I was learning because of how much fun I was having. The way Theatricum blends social responsibility, learning Shakespeare, dozens of different techniques and SO much fun, produces this inspiring and powerful effect within all of its campers. As my role changed from camper to intern teacher to Group Leader, I was able to work with and be part of this magical
system from the other side. From this, I understood even more, the importance of creating this atmosphere of fun and laughter to better achieve goals of learning and growth. “

Henry Garf, former camper, Group Leader