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Guest Blog: Seedlings Playwright Brynne Frauenhoffer

Seedlings Summer Playreadings begin Sunday, August 21 at 11 am with Brynne Frauenhoffer’s Bury Me. The working class town of Pacific, Missouri is the setting for this story of unplanned consequences, where seemingly random events reveal very different perspectives of faith, destiny, life choices and women’s bodies as battle-grounds. Brynne’s a young, Chicago-based playwright who was eager to dig into her new play before she arrives on the weekend of her reading.  So we invited her to Skype into the first table read of her play, where director Miranda Stewart and the cast explored her play with Brynne observing (and contributing) from a computer screen. (One of those times we love technology!)

Here’s a few words from Brynne about the origins of her exciting play, and her experience with us so far:

Sitting with a legal pad on the driveway of my dumpy college rental house in September 2013, I began pouring the fury of my first-ever heartbreak into my first-ever full-length play. The play started with a story from a friend about her parents’ first pregnancy, to which I added my own post-breakup anguish, religious grapplings, and Missouri upbringing to create a gory, gutsy first draft.

Since then, insightful friends and generous companies have shared their reactions, talents, and stories to help me find more honest portrayals of Josh, Michelle, Christy, Ruth, Mark, and Amy—but the Seedlings program has given me my first extended workshop process. For any playwright, but especially a green one like me, it’s such a gift to be able to come in with new drafts and work with a director and dramaturg committed to bettering your play. Already, the team at Theatricum has helped me to clarify the story’s most dramatic moments. I am so grateful to the company for giving me this chance to continue shaping Bury Me and show it to a fresh audience, which will be the first in California to hear my words!

After hearing the creative team and cast read and respond to my newest draft over Skype, I can’t wait to get in the room with them and watch what they do onstage on the 21st. I hope you’ll join us!

Table Read of BURY ME

Finding terrific stuff during the Table Read of “Bury Me”


The reading, held in our intimate S. Mark Taper Foundation Pavilion, is FREE. Enjoy refreshments, meet the artists and share your thoughts and ideas to become part of the new play process at Theatricum.

For more information on Botanicum Seedlings, including our Dramaturgy Workshop beginning in September, click HERE. You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @botseedlings.

Hope to see you soon!