2014 Repertory Season


June 7–Sept. 28
Pride and vanity go-eth before a fall as an aging monarch’s decent into madness lifts a veil of false natures and betrayal  that can only be confronted by the steadfastness of genuine love and loyalty.

A Midsummer Night's Dream
June 8–Sept. 27
A magical forest inhabited by mischievous faeries enchants young lovers, inspires comic misadventures, and celebrates the enduring power of nature. 

All's Well That End's Well
June 21–Sept. 27
A young woman’s commitment to her heart sets her against the propriety of social convention. Rejected by a nobleman because of her station, she stretches the limits to which she is prepared to go to win him, challenging the status quo with a strong will and keen intellect.

Much Ado About Nothing
July 12–Sept. 28
When truth and trust are tested... friends are set at dangerous odds, young hearts are challenged by disillusionment, and honor gives sway to jealousy. But in the midst, the wit and wisdom of longtime adversaries reveals the face of true love.

Sept. 5-Oct. 4
by Bill Cain
In 1605 a down-on-his-luck London playwright named “Shagspere” must walk a political tightrope between his royal patron and his artistic integrity when he is commissioned to pen a play about the ‘gunpowder plot’ of revolutionary, Guy Faulkes.