In-Class Enrichment

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Technique Workshops

ImprovisationStudents learn to think quickly & creatively.
EnsembleTheatre games inspire teamwork & cooperation.
Fencing Students learn the basics of this ancient art form (stances, parries, footwork).
Stage CombatThis no-contact class introduces the basic moves of on-stage fight illusion (falls, hits, nose tweaks).
Elizabethan MusicPart music appreciation part performance, students learn excerpts from music of the era.
Elizabethan MovementStudents learn basic movement (bows, curtseys) & a choreographed court dance of the period.
Elizabethan Life Students learn about the details of this exciting period of English history.
Scansion/RhetoricStudents are exposed to the basics of iambic pentameter, simile, metaphor and more.
Commedia Dell’ArteStudents learn stock characters and ways to portray characteristics on stage.
Shakespeare’s PlantsExperience Elizabethan plants, herbs, and flowers through Shakespeare’s greatest characters.

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