Adult Classes – Global Dance Studies

Global Dance Studies: The Styles, the Moves, and it’s Relationship to Theatre with Shivani Thakkar

DAYS: Sundays
TIMES: 9:30 – 10:30 am, PDT
DATES: July 12 – August 9
LOCATION: Online, via Zoom App

A hands on class, students will learn about various world dance styles that have a direct relationship and application to theatre. We will be learning fundamental movement and technique, the origins and history of the dance styles, and their on-going relationship and practical application to theatre. We will be focusing on Greek, Elizabethan, African (and its related influence on the development of Jazz and Hip Hop), Contemporary Dance Theatre, and Indian. Students will also be supplied with supplemental viewings of relevant videos and readings which will help further their understanding of the movement style, its cultural/societal significance, and it’s application. Based on student interest, we will also have the opportunity for students to create and share their own dances around a common theme.

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