The Crucible

crucible girls with tituba

Written by Arthur Miller
Directed by Ellen Geer

The witch hunt, however, was not a mere repression. It was also, and as importantly, a long overdue opportunity for everyone so inclined to express publicly his guilt and sins. – Arthur Miller

Salem, Massachusetts. 1692. A classic parable of mass hysteria draws a chilling parallel between the Salem witch-hunt of 1692 and the McCarthyism which gripped America in the 1950s. The story of how the small community of Salem is stirred into madness by superstition, paranoia and malice is a savage attack on the evils of mindless persecution and the terrifying power of false accusations.

Join us for a special Prologue conversation with the cast before the show on August 19th from 3-3:30.

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Meet the Cast of The Crucible

Betty Paris – Gabbi Beauvais
Tituba – Jacquelin Schofield
Reverend Paris – Mark Lewis*
Abigail Williams – Bethany Koulias
Susanna Walcott – Caitlin Kilgore
Ann Putnam – Cindy Kania
Thomas Putnam – Tim Halligan*
Mercy Lewis – Laura Zenoni
Marry Warren – Kate Adams & Maya Brattkus
John Proctor – Christopher W. Jones*
Giles Corey – Thad Geer*
Rebecca Nurse – Melora Marshall*
Reverend Hale – Frank Weidner*
Elizabeth Proctor – Willow Geer*
Francis Nurse – David Stifel*
Cheever – Tavis Baker
Herrik – Ethan Haslam
Hopkins – Gabriel Palma
John Hawthorne – Lawrence Sonderling
Martha Corey – Holly Hawk
Dept. Judge Danforth – Franc Ross*
Sarah Good – Elizabeth George

Ensemble – Jessamyn Arnstein, Holly Hawk, Brandi Lynn Reinhard

Understudies – Tiffany Coty, Michael Hoag, Kevin Hudnell, Annette Perrochet, Brandi Lynn Reinhard, Michelle Wicklas

*Members of Actors Equity Association

Meet the Crew of the Crucible

Director – Ellen Geer
Assistant Director – Jackie Anglin
Stage Manager – Kim Cameron