Julius Caesar

Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by TBA

Directed by TBA

Democracy. A republic, with liberty and justice for all. How to find it, tend it, gently evolve it, how to keep it “for the people” and away from the rule of one. Disallowing; unbalanced power within politics, ownership, and skewed ambition, that can steal the magnificence of this kind of governance from a world, a nation, a people.

Rome. 510 BC. rid the reigning dynasty of a King and established the Roman Republic.

As we face a world of 2020, the more we look at history, observe and feel the ever-changing forces that can tear down a caring environment for the people, it will make us better tenders, caretakers of our own time.

Join us for a special Prologue conversation with the cast before the show July 25th from 3:00-3:30pm.

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