Seedlings Dramaturgy Workshop


“There are many wonderful workshops that will help you write the first drafts of your plays—only one stellar workshop that will help you take it to the next level with a thorough second draft. Seedlings Dramaturgy Workshop is this workshop.”
–Katherine James, Playwright, Director & Actor

“Jennie Webb is encouraging and informative, and helped me to view my play from new perspectives. She inspired me to question aspects of not only what I was writing, but why I was writing them. This workshop opened my eyes to layers of my work that I hadn’t realized existed, and gave me the tools I needed to work towards completing my play.”
–Susan Chambers, Playwright

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“Jennie is the best writing coach you could ask for! She is a smart detective who knows all the right questions to ask of the writer to draw out the best story possible. My play went from good to amazing because of her guidance.”
–Gina Torrecilla, Writer, Actor & Voice Artist

“Jennie Webb cares about theatre—and she cares about new plays. I’ve run into very few people with the level of passion for art and writing that Jennie possesses, and her genuine warmth always lets me know that I’m in the presence of someone I can entrust with my work. She has a unique way of seeing into a play. She doesn’t stop at the surface. She looks for the hidden poetry in the piece. She is sensitive to the author’s intention and commits herself to viewing a play with that in mind always asking, How can this be the best possible play the writer can write—and what can I do to help?”
Paula Cizmar, Playwright & Professor, USC School of Dramatic Arts

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