Seedlings Private Dramaturgy

For playwrights with a completed draft (or a play-in-progress), these focused, one-on-one sessions provide an in-depth discussion of a work’s successes – and its potential pitfalls – with an experienced dramaturg, Theatricum playwright-in-residence and Seedling’s creator Jennie Webb.  Private Dramaturgy is also available for writers who are interested in coaching on a range of projects.

Jennie’s unique method of “organic dramaturgy” focuses on the playwright’s vision, intent and goals for each particular play, whatever the level or draft, and strengthens the relationship between style, structure, story and character.

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“Jennie is the consummate dramaturgical professional. She is both teacher and guide. Our discussions always baring clarity and ah-ha moments. My plays are stronger for her contribution, and I look forward to our next collaboration!”

–Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich, Playwright

“Jennie Webb’s dramaturgical and literary skills spring from a place of urgent advocacy for the playwright’s intention. I have had the pleasure of being in many developmental readings with Jennie and have always found her comments to be insightful, even-handed and expansive, but never invasive nor prescriptive. A fine and distinctive writer herself, she offers her deep understanding and expertise to others with a generous spirit. I wholeheartedly recommend and endorse her as a valued colleague.”

–Henry Murray, Playwright

“Jennie Webb is a terrific writer, a brilliant dramaturg, an excellent teacher: in short, if you can study with her or seek her guidance, do it! She’s knowledgeable beyond belief, generous, kind, and so much fun! I envy those who get to study or work with Jennie. She is a true artist, a thought leader, an innovator, knows her stuff, and I respect her enormously.”

–Laura Shamas, Playwright, Mythologist & Consultant

“When I’m in the midst of developing a new play, I am myopic. I obsess with getting a single tree just right, or worry about the way one branch might bend awkwardly… for me, Jennie was indispensable in helping me to juggle those thoughts, and to step back and see the entire forest. She gave me not only an audience’s perspective of my work, but helped me find my own perspective as well.”

–Dan Steele, Playwright & Screenwriter