Give me some music – music, moody food of us that trade in love. – Cleopatra, II, v

Music is a key part of Theatricum’s roots, going back to the early days of free concerts with Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie. Concerts remain a staple at the Theatricum today, featuring acclaimed musicians and songwriters. You can’t find a more beautiful place to join fellow music lovers and listen to the melodies that move you.

The Woody Guthrie Story
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Songwriter, folklorist, activist and longtime Theatricum friend Woody Guthrie is celebrated by members of the Geer family, Theatricum Company and special guests in this unique and engaging musical portrait of the self-described “rambling man from Oklahoma”. The show frames his life story with a variety of his songs, such as “Pastures of Plenty”, “Worried Man”, “Union Maid” and “This Land is Your Land”, as well as incorporating selections from published and unpublished writings of this influential American artist. This concert boasts a unique aspect, given that just outside the theatre’s main stage entrance lies the quaint wooden structure where Guthrie stayed when visiting Will Geer, wife Herta, and their children and is affectionately known as “Woody’s Shack”.

Under the Oaks – Concert Series

Pacific Trio
Friday, September 7, 8pm
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Founded in 1979 in Los Angeles by John Walz and Edith Orloff, this renowned ensemble has played more than 1,000 concerts in the United States, Canada, and Europe. In addition to touring, they serve as trio-in-residence at the Idyllwild Arts Summer Festival southern California.

Rolfe Kent’s The Concert Goes Awry
Friday, September 14, 8pm
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Join film composer Rolfe Kent (Dexter, Sideways, Up in the Air) and his band in a guided singing experiment.  Rolfe will engage the audience into performing colorful melodies and harmonies that we’ll record and loop together into a soaring vocal swirl.  All of the superb sounds will be heightened by the lush, open-air backdrop of the Theatricum Botanicum and a collection of exceptional soloists.

Friday, September 21, 8pm
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hollywood blacklisted picketers Will Geer was blacklisted from a thriving career in Hollywood in the early 1950s. His long career of labor unionizing throughout the United States and association with subversive musicians like Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and others made him a target of suspicion at the height of the Cold War’s first ‘Red Scare’. In keeping with Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum’s deep social justice roots, Blacklisted is a one of a kind evening celebrating and elevating those musicians which society had once sought to silence.

Composers Collective
Friday, September 28, 8pm
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Join us for an evening of WORLD PREMIERE chamber music from some of Hollywood’s most prominent composers living in and around Topanga. Hollywood and the film and television industry has made Los Angeles a global mecca for composers. Composers Collective is an annual concert presenting new works and beloved classics by some of LA’s most popular and innovative musicians of television, movies, the concert hall, and more.

Special Concerts

Inara George & Friends in Concert
Sunday, October 7th, 4pm
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Inara george and friends in concert thetatricum botanicum

The acclaimed singer/songwriter, a homegrown Topangan, shares the stage with an exciting musical lineup of guest artists in this popular bi-annual concert event.