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Season Supporters

2024 Sponsors
Susan & Jeff Davidson

Inara George & Jake Kasdan Family
In honor of Elizabeth George
Elizabeth George
Adrian Maduro
Lucy Dickinson
In memory of Will Geer
Julie Kern
James Dodenhoff & Nancy Sicotte
Meg & Lawrence Kasdan

Patricia & Paul Sinclair
Susan Stangl
Clifford Hague
Amy Madigan
Wendie Malick
Margie & Daniel Mintz

Gregory Scarich
Suzanne & Dan Carroll
Pin-pin Wei & Rafael Dinner

Kathy Cairo
Jessica Drake
Kathryn Jacobi Dysart
Kay Seymour-Gabriel & Richard Gabriel
Ellen & Bill Ireland
Sheldon Kirsch
Patricia & Dave Winter
Kelly Young

2023 50th Anniversary Sponsors

Joan of Arc Gala Sponsors
Susan & Jeff Davidson

Our Witches Gala Sponsors
Ellen Geer
Elizabeth George
The Wilson Family

Lady-in-Waiting Gala Sponsors
Dina Bartello
Anita Byrd & Carrie Vandenberg Real Estate
Robin & Justin Doran, in honor of Ellen Geer
Ruth Flinkman-Marandy & Ben Marandy
Steven D. Gabel
Russell A. Johnson
Catherine McClenahan
West Basin Municipal Water District

Company Members, Family & Friends Sponsors

Alan Blumenfeld & Katherine James
Kim Cameron & Ellen Knutson
Halligan Family
Christine Breihan
Willow Geer
David Stifel
Stephanie Wilson

Garber & Co.
Green Thumb Nursery
Lorenza Wine
Opolo Vineyards
Sidekick Studios

2021 and 2022 Contributors

For 49 years, the history, growth, and success of Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum has been rooted in community support. We were so grateful to welcome back our audience to live theatre in 2021. We wish to thank the following contributors and the many volunteers who offered their time and energy to keep Theatricum thriving.
Your generous donations supported a successful 2021 season.

Thank you

Please accept our apologies if we’ve made errors or omissions. Please contact development@theatricum.com for corrections.

We thank the following organizations for their support of our arts and education programs.

$50,000 +
Metabolic Studio, a direct charitable activity of the Annenberg Foundation
S. Mark Taper Foundation

$20,000 +
The Ahmanson Foundation
The Edward A. & Ai O. Shay Family Foundation
California Arts Council
The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs
The Green Foundation
Los Angeles County Department of Arts & Culture, Organization Grant Program
National Endowment for the Arts, Shakespeare in American Communities

The Harper/Harpoothian Family Trust of the Ayco Charitable Foundation
Highmark Health
Los Angeles County Department of Arts & Culture, Arts Internship Program
Lucian and Susan Seifert Charitable Trust
Mayer Family Foundation
Performing Arts Readiness, LYRASIS

Amazon Smile Foundation
Arnold & Mabel Beckman Foundation
Capital Group
Charities Aid Foundation of America
Composer Collective
Fidelity Charitable
Freiburger Family Charitable Fund
Jalan Jalan Imports
Litten Doi Foundation
Los Angeles Unified School District, Arts Education Branch
TisBest Philanthropy
The Willameta K. Day Foundation

Thank you to the hundreds who supported our 2020 virtual and educational programs. We also thank those who gave
and who wish to remain anonymous..

The Willows
Susan and Jeff Davidson
Gregory Scarich

The Palms
Bill Buerge
Anita Byrd & Family
Joe Day and Nina Hachigian
Lucy Dickinson
Ellen Geer
Elizabeth George
Inara George & Jake Kasdan
Lawrence & Meg Kasdan
Amy Madigan
Heather McFerrin
Margie & Daniel Mintz
Helene Mirich-Spear
Deborah & Tim Moore
Patricia Keating & Bruce Hayes
Paul & Patricia Sinclair

The Violets
Tom Allard
Dan & Suzanne Carroll
James Dodenhoff & Nancy Sicotte
Jessica Drake
Bill Fagerbakke
Karen Hardcastle
Annaka Harris
In Honor of Aaron & Miriam Kirsch
Siobhan McDevitt
In Loving Memory of Peter McDonald
Susan & Arthur Nissman
Doug & Debbie Phelps
Mikko & Jennifer Sperber
Jim Stone
In Memory of Paul Waldman Jr

The Woodbines
Tom & Catherine Anderson
Julie Anderson
Charlotte Brown
Sharon Castle-Bills
Shawn Cunningham & Kim Wright
Nana Davis
The Dooners
Louis Doyle
Richard & Kay Gabriel
Rick Gardner
Frank Gruber & Janet Levine
Russ Harmon
Margaret Harris
Jack Needleman
Whitney Sander
Phillip Schlosberg
Ruth E Seid
James Stone
Michael Williamson
Heather Zakson & Jose Alvarez

The Musk Roses
Ray Andrews
Colin & Jackie Anglin Simon
Chairmaine Atherton
Eleanor Edie Barrett
Toni Colvin & Don Stockard
Gail Conway
Susan Convirs
Frank Corso
Carol DeLay
Dr. Candace De Puy
Mary Ann Dolcemascolo
Louis Doyle
Bill Durham
Maria Esteves
Steve Gabel
Pat Gallagher
Christina Gillis
Jane Hamner
Suratwant Hazra
The Heitner Family
Kevin Hudnell
In Memory of William Dennis Hunt from his WV Family
Sheila & Milton Hyman
Diane Jackson
Muriel Janes
Susan & Kenneth Johnson
Lee Ann Kennedy
Todd & Joy Kliewer
Ellen Knutson
Carolyn LaRocca
Tony & Jennifer Lawrence
Constance Lederer
Paul Levitt
Chryssa Lightheart & Curtis Caddell
Ms Lilith
Thomas & Mary Malone
Carol Mandato
Siri Maness
Susie Manning
Stephen Maples
Whitney & Bruce McCleery
The McColgan Family
Jena & Rahul Mehrota
Kevin Meoak & Corinne DeVries
William Mullally
Ron & Sally Munro
Carrie Murphy
Gary Murta
Charles Nance
Mark Nathanson
Irene Park
Richard Pattis
Andrew & Frances Pavley
Madeleine Person
Steven Popper & Veronica Kun
Kikanza Ramsey Ray
Mary-Carol Riehs
Lynne Ringe
Jane Robbins
Ira Rosenblatt
Maya F. Rosman
Cydny Rothe
Shelley Slade
Steven Smith
Mitchell Sonners
Lawrence Sparks
Judy Stahl
Richard Starzak
Kathy & David Stokan
Daniel Stone
K & N Torri
Donna Wahl
Angela & Mark Waterman
Jill Williams
David & Patrice Winter
Edward Wolfman & Susan Goodlerner
Leonard Wu
Zev Yaroslavsky

In-Kind Contributions
Inn of the Seventh Ray
Bill Buerge and the Mountain Mermaid