Classroom Enrichment

Designed to augment and strengthen your school’s curriculum in Literature, Social Studies, and Performing Arts, our classroom enrichment programs can be modified for PK through 12th grade classes. Teaching artists will virtually visit your classroom via Zoom or the platform of your choice. We will work with you to build a program tailor-made to your needs.

To Book or Create a program, contact School Programs Manager Frank Weidner at or leave a message with our office manager, Gina Shansey, at 310-455-2322.

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Classics in the Classroom

  • Classics in the Classroom – A Midsummer Night’s Dream
    • A new program designed to bring your students a similar experience to our in-person field trips, offered online at your convenience!
    • Includes a preparatory workshop with one of our fantastic teaching artists, a 45-minute recorded version of our signature Midsummer Night’s Dream production, and a follow-up analysis and assessment workshop!
    • Watch with or without subtitles in English or Spanish.
  • Book today! Send any booking emails or questions to School Programs Manager Frank Weidner at


  • Students Act the Classics
    • We direct your students in a performance using our edited scripts adjusted for your class size.
    • Available titles include Any of Shakespeare’s Plays, Greek Mythology, Egyptian Mythology, and Tales of Chivalry
  • Americana off the Page
    • Students attend an assembly of our Americana Series (see below), then create their own performance bringing to life that period in American History.
  • Playwriting/Performing
    • Students work together to write their own one-act play. The play is staged, rehearsed, and performed. Perfect for after school.
  • Book today! Send any booking emails or questions to School Programs Manager Frank Weidner at


  • Technique WorkshopsBook one workshop, or schedule a rotation of the workshops of your choice.
    • IMPROVISATION – Students learn to think quickly and creatively.
    • ENSEMBLE – Theatre games inspire teamwork and cooperation.
    • FENCING – Students learn the basics of this ancient art form (stances, parries, footwork).
    • STAGE COMBAT – This no-contact class introduces the basic moves of on-stage fight illusion (falls, slaps, nose tweaks).
    • ELIZABETHAN MUSIC – Part music appreciation and part performance, students learn excerpts from music of the era.
    • ELIZABETHAN MOVEMENT – Students learn basic movement (bows, curtsies) and a choreographed period court dance.
    • ELIZABETHAN LIFE – Students learn about the details of this exciting period of English history.
    • SCANSION/RHETORIC – Students are exposed to the basics of iambic pentameter, simile, metaphor, and more.
    • COMMEDIA DEL’ARTE – Students learn stock characters and ways to portray characteristics on stage.
    • SHAKESPEARE’S PLANTS – Experience Elizabethan plants, herbs, and flowers through Shakespeare’s greatest characters.
  • Book today! Send any booking emails or questions to School Programs Manager Frank Weidner at

Classics off the Page

  • Shakespeare Assemblies
    • In-School Performances of abridged Shakespeare plays (50-70 minutes) are presented by full casts of actors in costume and characters.
    • Available titles include (but are not limited to):
      • A Midsummer Night’s Dream
      • Twelfth Night
      • Macbeth
      • Romeo & Juliet
      • Julius Caesar
      • The Tempest
      • As You Like It
      • Hamlet
  • Classics off the Page Workshop
    • Special performances accompanied by activities and workshops to illuminate a chosen text.
    • Available titles include Any of Shakespeare’s Plays. Or, we can create a presentation for the text of your choice.
  • Classics off the Page Assemblies
    • 2-6 actors present key scenes from a classical text connected with creative narration.
    • Length: 45 minutes – Age: 3rd-12th grade.
    • Available titles include Any of Shakespeare’s Plays, Greek Mythology, Ancient Mythology, or we can create a presentation for the text of your choice.
  • Book today! Send any booking emails or questions to School Programs Manager Frank Weidner at


  • African Storytelling
    • An interactive storytelling assembly combining stories from various African countries, accompanied by live West African Djembe drumming!
    • Length: approx 40 minutes – Age: K-6tth grade.
  • Living History Visits
    • Queen Elizabeth & William Shakespeare * John Steinbeck * Mark Twain * Homer * Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo
    • In costume and character, a great figure from history/literature will drop in on your class’s Zoom meeting! In a combination of scripted and improvised engagement your students will learn as they engage.
  • The Americana Series
    • In-School Concert-Style Assemblies highlight important periods in American History through the poems, speeches, songs, and characters of the era.
    • Length: approx 55 minutes – Age: 5th-12th grade.
    • Available Titles include:
      • The Strength of Women (the Suffrage Movement)
      • Black History in North America
      • Searching for the American Dream (the Labor Movement)
      • Viva La Raza (the Latinx Rights Movement)
      • A Poet’s Gathering (great American Poets share their work)
  • Book today! Send any booking emails or questions to School Programs Manager Frank Weidner at

Creative Playground

theatricum botanicum creative playground
  • Creative PlayGround performs for primary grades!
    • Length: approx 45 minutes – Age: PK – 3rd grade.
    • Available Titles include: Aesop’s Fables * Ferdinand the Bull * Dia de los Muertos: Cuentos de mi Familia * Halloween Stories
  • Book today! Send any booking emails or questions to School Programs Manager Frank Weidner at

Common Core and Content Standards

2014 marked the roll out of the Common Core Standards in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. These standards now provide the benchmark for assessment in these two subject areas. Social Studies, Science, Visual and Performing Arts are still covered by the CDE Content Standards. Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum School Programs are designed by professional, experienced arts education experts to provide the highest quality multi- modal experience while also aligning with Local, State and National education goals as defined by the current Standards. Common Core Standards seek to shift the coverage of ELA and Mathematics from fact-based to experience- based assessment. Writing skills focus on mastery of argument, informative language, and narrative. Language skills are approached as a matter of craft (expanded vocabulary with a knowledge of nuance and relationship). Speaking and Listening skills ask students to integrate and discuss input from oral, visual, quantitative, and various media sources. Theatricum’s School Programs provide meaningful assistance in the achievement of all of these Common Core goals. Students expand their vocabulary and experience with narrative; their ability to ask and answer questions; and engage in meaningful discussions as they are exposed to our Literature and Social-Science based arts programming.

VAPA & Social Science Standards

While Common Core provides literacy suggestions for other content areas, the CDE VAPA and Social Science Standards remain the determining factor for coverage in these two critical areas of curriculum. In addition to meaningful support of such grade-level required content as Ancient Greece, the English Renaissance, and Shakespeare. Theatricum also provides coverage of virtually all VAPA Standards including: 

  • Component Strand 2: Creative Expression Students Act the Classics, Playwriting/Performing Workshop and all our In-Class Enrichment programs address this strand. 
  • Component Strand 3: Historical & Cultural Context While our School Days Field Trips, Living History Presentation and Elizabethan Life Technique Workshops address this strand directly, many of our programs can be used as part of an overall unit addressing the art of the Elizabethan Era.

Booking Instructions & Payment Information

To book or create a Classroom Enrichment program, contact Frank Weidner at or leave a message with Gina in the office at (310) 455-2322.

Assembly and In-Class Enrichment prices vary. Contact Frank Weidner to tailor-make a program that meets your budget, schedule, and curricular goals. 

  • Theatricum Botanicum is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit arts organization. 
  • A 25% deposit is required to secure booking of any program.
  • Payment of remaining balance is due on or before the completion of the program.
  • Any problems regarding this payment schedule must be addressed at the time of booking.
  • Theatricum accepts all major credit cards. To arrange for payment by credit, please speak to Frank.
  • Checks should be made out to Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum and remitted to the address below.
    • Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum
    • PO Box 1222, Topanga, CA 90290
  • Office: 310-455-2322

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