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At Theatricum, education is more than just classes and workshops; it’s about fostering values like inclusion, community, collaboration, and creativity. Through our Academy of the Classics, we offer a range of programs for youth, teens, and adults, including classes, field trips, and enrichment activities. Our goal is to provide lifelong learning opportunities that inspire and engage students of all ages, introducing them to Shakespearean language, theater techniques, American history, and the power of their own voices. We aim to empower students with confidence, critical thinking skills, and a passion for the arts, cultivating a lifelong appreciation for language, history, and art.

Education has been central to the mission of Theatricum Botanicum, since it’s founding in 1973. The value and importance of passing on a love of community, language, music, theatre, and art to the next generation is at the organization’s core. 

All classes are available for immediate enrollment. 

Private coaching is available year-round!
Contact Cindy at youth@theatricum.com for youth/teen private coaching, or Michelle at adult@theatricum.com for adult private coaching.

School Days Programming, contact School Programs Manager Emoria Weidner at education@theatricum.com.

We hope to see you soon at Theatricum!