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Adult Classes

Adult Classes

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Welcome to Theatricum’s Adult Academy of the Classics! The opportunity to engage in exuberant and inspiring lifelong learning is as core to Theatricum’s mission as is the production of high-quality theatre. The Adult Academy of the Classics is a key component of this commitment. The Academy of the Classics provides a nurturing environment for students of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels to engage with various aspects of theatre and performance. The Adult Academy specifically seeks to inspire adults at every level, experience, and expertise.

We offer classes for professional artists who seek to increase their expertise and/or comfort level with classical performance and elevated language. We offer programs designed to give an opportunity for non-professionals to reengage with performance through improvisation, movement, and/or scene work. We provide an opportunity for classroom teachers to integrate techniques and skills that excite their students as they engage with Shakespeare and performance. And most importantly, we offer programs where ALL of these groups can study and learn together. Diversity of background, age, and experience are cornerstones of Theatricum’s values as an organization. We hope that you will join us for an Adult Academy class, workshop, professional development program, or intensive – we know that you will leave inspired!

If you have questions – contact your Program Manager, Michelle Merring at adult@theatricum.com. We hope to see you online or in person!

Shakespeare Scene Study with Melora Marshall

Six-week class beginning Oct 7th, 2023
Join renowned actor and educator Melora Marshall, in her focused six week Shakespeare Scene Study workshop.

Stage Combat Intensive With Marc Antonio Pritchett

 Come take an exciting six weeks of intense practice of theatrical swordplay and combat with the expert fight instructor, Marc Antonio Pritchett

Adult Private Coaching

Personalized coaching from our amazing teachers!

Theatricum’s Academy of the ClassicsYoung People Classes Youth ClassesTeen ClassesAdult Classes

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Upcoming Classes in 2023!!

Improv with Dylan Booth

Suzuki/Voice workshop
with Chie Saito
and Jan Wikstrom

Singing for the Actor
with Bill Haller

July – August:
Summer Shakespeare Intensive

Magic in Scene for Women & Non-binary Writers
with Anne Eston

Improv with Dylan Booth

Combat Intensive with Marc Antonio Pritchett
Scene Study with Melora Marshall