Outdoor Shakespearean Theatre
The Crucible August 12th, 2018 8pm (lower tier)

The Crucible August 12th, 2018 8pm (lower tier)


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Salem, Massachusetts in 1692, a community staunch in its beliefs, where even the most mundane tasks of everyday life are strictly dictated by that philosophical code. A system of governance designed not only to regulate, but also to protect. But when a group of young girls, accompanied by a local slave, Tituba, are discovered in a forbidden act, dancing in the woods, rumors of witchcraft suddenly consume the town throwing it into chaos. Refusing to admit any wrong-doing, the girls quickly turn the tables on their accusers and set off a chain reaction that leads to a dark secret lurking beneath the veneer of this seemingly simple and uncomplicated world that threatens to expose the entire system as nothing but a shameful lie.  

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