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Since we first began SCHOOL DAYS as a pilot program in 1979 with only 75 students in attendance, Theatricum has been honored to collaborate with hundreds of truly gifted, inspirational teachers. Both LAUSD and private school teachers and their administrators have embraced the work we do and have come to share our passion for exposing young people to language, art and the humanities in a beautiful outdoor sanctuary for the arts.

Without the sacrifices that these educators make, and without their tireless determination to provide exceptional opportunities for their students, we could not do what we do. We are proud of our partnerships with Los Angeles teachers and educators and make it a priority to give back to them as much as we can.

For Teachers Only

Educators who want to earn 6 LAUSD salary points can brush up their Shakespeare in our Summer Shakespeare Intensive for a discounted price of $735.

Our seminars provide meaningful assistance in Common Core goals of shifting fact-based learning to experience-based assessment. In addition to the English Renaissance and Shakespeare, this seminar provides teachers with material aligned with VAPA component strands 1-4 (Artistic Perception & Aesthetic Valuing, Creative Expression, Historical & Cultural Context).

Seasoned professionals and dedicated beginners will broaden their awareness of text, rhetoric and the Elizabethan world as it is applied to the physical, vocal and emotional realization of Shakespeare’s characters. These eight- week classes, taught by working professionals, focus on the performance of scenes and “job-getting” monologues. By interview only.

To apply, please contact

Sarah Stone
Adult Programs Manager