Outdoor Shakespearean Theatre
Coriolanus June 2nd, 2018 8pm (Opening) (lower tier)

Coriolanus June 2nd, 2018 8pm (Opening) (lower tier)



It is the early days of the Roman Empire, a government still finding itstrue identity, to be solely a militaristic power or emerge as a democratic republic driven by the will and voice of its citizens. Following a glorious victory, the great Roman warrior, Coriolanus, admired and revered forhis brutal courage and love of country is poised to take his place among the senate, but he must first win the votes of the people. Unable to reconcile his truthful, albeit arrogant and angry nature against that of the vacillating public, petty politicians, and pundits of the day, he is berated for his imperious temper, and his demeaning outlook of the common man and banished from his country. Struggling with the loss of his family, a desire for revenge and molded by the lessons of his ambitious patrician mother, he pursues an alliance with an old foe, looking to restore his place within his world and justify the singularity of purpose to which he desperately clings…with unforeseen consequences.

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