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Three Tales by Hans Christian Anderson

Three Tales by Hans Christian Anderson

A suiting Prince becomes Swineherd to woo and win the heart of a spoiled young Princess, teaching her in the process to see worth in terms other than material value. After their marriage, the happy couple become rulers of the land. As Emperor, the ex-Swineherd thinks only of his wardrobe, neglecting his kingdom entirely. But two charlatan tailors come and teach him about the dangers of vanity. Time passes and the couple’s son comes of age. The young Prince must find a bride and, for his mother, (the spoiled young Princess turned Queen) only a proper princess with proper papers will do. Of course, the lovely girl who arrives is authenticated by a Pea, but her true worth is seen from the first moment by the simple Prince who loves her for who – not what – she is. Learn More about Creative PlayGround


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